Since I created this blog back in 2018 I’ve nailed down to write only a couple of posts. I am definitely not satisfied about this and I thought I needed to change the strategy.
I’ve decided to write down shorter posts and publish at least once per week. The posts will contain information I learn from my everyday routine while eating or taking a coffee break: Web Surfing.

Today’s subject: “Workplace Etiquette”.

Want to make your first step to being a better colleague? Here are 8 things that I fully agree with:

  • Sick? Stay home. Spreading germs is not unhealthy – it’s rude.
  • Always show up on time for meetings, even 3 minutes late is too late.
  • Avoid strong odors in close quarters, including cologne and that smelly lunch at your desk.
  • Cut down on email clutter. Don’t send a “thank you” unless you have something to say.
  • Use “Reply-all” sparingly. Being copied unnecessarily is annoying.
  • Stand when you’re introduced. It’s polite and establishes your presence.
  • If in a cubicle, speak quietly and keep speakerphone to a minimum.
  • Don’t order the lobster. A business lunch isn’t an invitation to order the most expensive food on the menu.

Keep the workplace etiquette in mind while entering the office and motivate your colleagues to do so too. Create a healthy and friendly work environment, your coworkers will love you.

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