In August 2021, I committed to a side hustle and accepted the challenge of 2 of my friends to create a social media digital product – Watznow. Let me explain what exactly we’re building.

Watznow is a mobile first social media network that allows users to share, discuss and enjoy live moments through an interactive world map. Users can share live videos that will be visible on an interactive map for 24 hours for anyone exploring the region.

The content is always bound to location and sometimes grouped by events. So multiple users can contribute and share content together from the same location if for example they participate at the same event. Any user exploring the region would be able to see what’s currently going on there and chat with contributors and other interested users. We encourage everyone to share their moments, content creators don’t have to be influencers with a lot of followers to make their voice heard, their content will be seen by anyone around.

At Watznow we also plan to help businesses to promote themselves efficiently based on precise geographic parameters. So they could target their audience that is already in the proximity of their sale point.

We come as an alternative to other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) that are heavily focused on influencers creating the content and their followers to spreading among their friends, this being a disadvantage for non-influencers that want to share valuable content as it is not pushed by internal algorithms through the network.

Watznow on the other side, focuses on WHAT and WHERE rather than WHO, allowing users to share live content (not older than 24 hours) with anyone around, even without having followers. This way users can explore fresh content through an interactive world map and see what’s currently going on in their city, or any other location / event they are interested in.

This is what our app does, curious enough?
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