About Me

Victor Logos
  • My career in tech started back in 2013, on the university benches. A year before graduating, I started working as a full-stack developer in a digital agency in Moldova. 
  • One year later, at the end of 2016, I have probably made the craziest move of my career. I moved all the way to Cambodia and started a digital business from scratch. I co-founded an agency called Smart Management Systems. I started hunting for clients in the area, as well as for talented students which I’d take for free 12 weeks internships and teach them the essentials of web.
  • A year later (end of 2017), after about 8 months of work, I have launched the first online grocery shopping startup in Cambodia. We opened simultaneously in two major Cambodian cities, Siem Reap and Phnom penh, and that I suppose, was the first time when I experienced something that I now call “stressphoria”, a weird feeling when excitement and stress are always defining your mood and driving you forward.
  • Early 2019, after several months of working during the weekends, one of my university friends and I co-founded a digital agency in Moldova, called Genexiz. At that time, I was fully involved in the management of the 2 companies in Cambodia and partly involved in Genexiz, pretty fun.
  • June 2019, I was approached by the co-founder of Mediapark with the idea of merging Genexiz with Mediapark and setting up Mediapark Moldova. I have traveled to Moldova, then to Vilnius. About one month later, I joined Mediapark Group as a business development manager.
  • Another 3 months down the road (October 2019), we have officially kicked off the operations in Moldova. We had a modest but motivated team of 5 enthusiasts.
  • January 2020, we have acquired a local agency (cherrydigitalagency.com), and scaled up the team up to 30 talented people.
  • February 2020, we have integrated the Cambodian team into Mediapark. As a result, we ended up a pretty exotic location, Mediapark Cambodia.
  • July 2020, I got promoted to an Associate Partner position, more about 2020.
  • 2021 was amazing, check it here.
  • 2022, planned to visit 8 countries. Three of them are done. Romania – you’re wonderful. Cambodia – love your culture. Two different trips to Italy, several cities covered (Catania, Rome, Amalfi, Meta, Ravelo). Hungary, Poland, Austria & Portugal were added to the list as well. 7 out of 8, not bad 🙂
  • 2023, Romania, Vietnam, Estonia & Turkey so far.