This article is about how to get 100$ in 5 hours and get your first 5 Star review on
It happened about one year ago, I simply decided to test my skills along with other developers from all over the world, so, I’ve entered a contest. As you know, contests on require to submit a design based on the provided materials and project details, after this step, the best work has to be chosen by the contest creator and the winner will get to develop the project.

The requirements were simple, a landing page about a company that sells honey, pretty basic.
The main catch about contests is that you have to highlight your designing skills first, so, if you’re really willing to get this mini-job, you have to put effort and come out with an outstanding web design, which can considerably increase your chances for the win.
In my case, besides the written content, the provided images were:


I spent around 2 hours and one cup of ice latte to get it done. I could have taken longer, but I remember being productive that day.

The result was as simple as this:


After uploading my entry to the contest, it got maximally rated which afterwards led to being chosen as the winner.

The following steps were simple:

  • Install a WordPress theme on my local host;
  • Apply the design;
  • Create a basic SEO;
  • Upload the project to the server;


The project owner happily approved, paid and gave me a 5 Star review which is very important if you’re a beginner in the world of freelancing.

Is it worth the time?

I know, it’s difficult to win a contest, your work has to be compared with at least another 20, and even if in the first instance your design looks perfect, at the end of the day there’s still a matter of taste.

Why should I go for it?

Besides the small pocket cash that you might win, you get the chance to test your skills, get a feedback or rating from a real client, realize your mistakes and find ways to improve them!

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