Let’s talk about what is our biggest obstacle in our road to success.

I have a question for you, if someone told you that they would pay you $1 million for you to get 20 more customers this month, could you do it?

Imagine, $1 million!

What would you do, in order to make it happen?

How about if they said they would pay you $10 million, could you do it?

I think most of us would say that we could do it, but the one question we’ve got to ask ourselves is, why aren’t we doing it now, in our organizations?

It seems that something is holding us back, right?

Is this one major obstacle that continues to keep us from doing what we know our business needs us to be, and that’s apathy. Apathy is our biggest obstacle that’s preventing us from being successful. When I talk about apathy I’m not talking about apathy in terms of indifference, I’m talking about apathy in terms of comfortability.

Apathy is a natural human instinct common to us all that consistently encourages us to seek a comfort zone in which nothing ever changes.

May I ask you a question, are you currently doing everything that you know you’re supposed to be doing in order to build your dream business, and are you doing it every day?

Most of us most of us will probably say that we’re not doing it every day because something is preventing us from doing it, that is the apathy.

So, what are the ways that we can battle apathy?

The key is to strive every day to do things better, to consciously look at how we can change ourselves to be able to meet the need at this moment.

We need to fight to get out of our comfort zone.

We have to have a vision that is so strong that it motivates us to get out of that comfort zone.

If you lost your vision, you need to get it back, because it’s the only thing that will drive us to continue the fight. In other words courage to fight and vision, are the two crucial ways to battle apathy.

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