I visited 6 countries in one month and it was amazing!

I will now give you a short overview of what I’ve achieved in one month.


I started doing business development for Mediapark, a digital agency with a team of 160 people across 6 offices in Eastern Europe. Tried wakeboarding for the first time and I’ve got to tell you, “next level of fun”, give it a try it when you have a chance. Met lots of new people, about 100 to be more accurate.


Mediapark offsite in Tuscany. 110 people, 4 days, lots of fun, pizza and drinks. Visited Firenze and had some amazing Italian gelato. Missed the bus that was supposed to take me to the airport, caught a taxi, told the driver to drive fast, after 30 minutes and 80 Euros, I finally reached the Venice airport.


Worked on setting up a new office for Mediapark, visited several business centers and to be honest, I would’ve never thought that the rental price can be so expensive in Eastern Europe. Moldova is the country where I grew up and my parents live, so I got to spend priceless time with my family and pets.


I remember that day very well, woke up at 3 AM, flew from Chisinau to Bucharest at about 5. Once in Bucharest, I visited the Civitta RO office and had a short catch up over a coffee with some amazing folks that literally take consulting to another level. Later on, a couple of meetings for business acquisition purposes, the guys from Adonis Software gave me a nice first impression. 7 PM, back to the office, nobody was there so I ordered some Lebanese food and enjoyed some moments of silence. 10 PM, back to the airport, it was to time to fly to Georgia.


Civitta offsite. Civitta is the leading management consulting firm from Central Eastern Europe with over 300 consultants in 14 countries. I have attended the offsite as a guest and my goal was to foster the collaboration between Civitta and Mediapark. I really believe that the red Georgian wine helped a lot in achieving my goal.


One day trip to visit the Mediapark Riga office. Had some interesting discussions with the CEO of the Latvian branch about the benefits of using WordPress API and developing hybrid apps using Ionic Framework. Also, I got to pet some cute furry dogs, which are considered a part of the team.

And you, how many countries have you visited last month?

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